Tax Collection System for Forsyth County



  • .Net, C#
  • Windows Forms
  • Windows Services
  • Oracle

The Results

Core Techs engineers took a highly complex process and created an easy to use system that performs one of the core functions of the Tax Department. Core Techs expertise and attention detail lead to system that produced a 98% collection rate.






Forsyth County, NC - Building and Improving the Tax Collection Process

Forsyth County faces the same problem every US County faces. How do you track and collect taxes for the numerous residential and commercial properties in their jurisdiction? A great collection system automates the billing and collection of tax bills. In addition, it will enforce the taxing power of the County by automating wage garnishments. The cashiering function will apply payments to bills and interface with accounting systems. Forsyth County partnered with Core Techs to create a next generation collection system that produced a 98% collection rate. One of the highest rates in North Carolina.

What We Did

Core Techs worked closely with Forsyth County Tax Department to deliver a system that delivered their vision of a next generation Tax Collection System. Core Techs decided to build the application with Windows Forms and take an agile approach with short iterations allowing for a flexible developmental process and a constant, visible progression of the project.