We solve your unique business problems with custom software solutions

Purpose-Built Software

When an off-the-shelf solution won't fit, and internal development is too risky, businesses call CoreTechs. We've built our reputation by turning strategic business objectives into software applications. Below is a list of the types of projects we specialize in.


>> Custom Software Development

Does your business require a solution that no existing appication can solve? If yes, then you need built-to-spec software based on on your unique requirments. We usher your project from discovery interviews to final launch, and we'll continue to develop and refine features based on your end-users' feedback. 


>> Mobile DevelopmenT

Do your employees need access to your application or data while in the field or on the factory floor? Our specialty is extending the codebase for our desktop applications to work natively on iOS and Android devices. This means a more efficient development process, and a seamless experience for your employees or customers. Learn more here


>> Database Development & Design

Need to translate your spreadsheet-based system into a modern, flexible, and powerful database platform? Your project requires business process expertise that you can't find with off-shore developers or junior talent. Our experience across several different industries, from finance to manufacturing will be put to use to develop and design your database.


>> ContiNUous Intergration & Deployment

Need to accelerate and automate your testing and deployment workflow? We will save your team time and headaches by selecting and implementing the right tools. We'll get you up-and-running fast so can immediately benefit from less bugs and a smoother workflow. Learn more here.


>> New Product Development

Have an idea for a new product, but don't have the resources to launch quickly. Our specialty is new product development, and we have the track record to prove it. Ask us about the line-of-business products we built for a fintech company and a local municipality.


>> Process Improvement

Not certain of the spec, yet? We can consult with you on your problem space and help you to define a solution. You will be able to leverage our decades of experience across multiple industries as we apply software and business best practices to your organization.

>> Software Integrations

Need two separate applications to start talking with each other? We can make your CRM feed data into your billing software, or make your inventory management system sync real time with your storefront. Even if your application doesn't provide a standard way to access data, we can build a custom API that fits your needs.